Pubg Mobile Version 3.0.0 Patch Note & Pubg V 3.0 Release Date

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Pubg Mobile Version 3.0.0 Patch Note:- Do you also want to know what are the features coming in version 3.0 of Pubg Mobile and what are the changes going to happen along with it? Then you have come to the right place. In this article, I am going to give all the information related to Pubg Mobile version 3.0.

So, players the beta version of PUBG Mobile version 3.0 has been released. A patch note has also been released through the same. I am going to tell that all upcoming features and changes in this article. Along with that, I am going to tell you on which day you all will get to see the update of pubg mobile version 3.0 in the global version.

Pubg Mobile Version 3.0.0 Release Date.

According to the sources, the update of PUBG Mobile version 3.0.0 is going to be released on 09th January 2024. If there is any change in the date, I will inform you all on my telegram. If you haven’t joined Telegram yet, do join it. There the notifications of the latest posts are also available.

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Pubg Mobile Version 3.0.0 Patch Note

Pubg Mobile Version 3.0.0 Patch Note

So players, the mentions below features and changes can also be changed because it has been extracted from the early Beta of Version 3.0.0.

Basic Experience Improvements

  • Character Improvements: Improved the overall movements for running, climbing, falling, aiming down sights, and more for smoother character actions and a better gaming experience.
  • Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Improvements: Shots can penetrate vests and bodies to damage multiple enemies in the bullet’s trajectory. Damage is reduced after going through an enemy. Shots from bolt action sniper rifles reduce the durability of vests and helmets more.
  • Vehicle Improvements: Drivers can apply bandages or use energy consumables to heal without interrupting their driving (Med Kits and First Aid Kits cannot be used).

Metro Royale

  • New Map: It features a snowy environment with military features. It is a ring-shaped map with a military fortress at its center.
  • New Mechanics : Tactical Alarm items that can be placed, snowy weather, advanced supply secret rooms accessible after a certain time, and vertical ziplines to ascend quickly.
  • Added 2 new bosses and a group of PvE enemies:
    • The Commander boss has a skill that slows players.
    • The Tank boss will use different attacks depending on distance.
    • The group of PvE enemies includes an Elite enemy with a pack of dogs that share a collective hostility toward players. When any member of the team detects a player, an alert will be issued. The entire team will then track and attack the player.

New Items Added

  1. New High-Pressure Air Rifle Fires steel balls using compressed air. The higher the chamber pressure, the greater the damage inflicted. This rifle produces minimal noise when firing.
  2. New Sellable Items: Top Secret Information, Military Circuit Board, Military Battery, Cobra ID Tag, Steel Front ID Tag, and more.
  3. New Backpack Expansion Mechanic: Players can use Metro Cash to obtain a temporary increase in backpack capacity. If a companion is owned, the backpack capacity expansion effect will be sustained. Purchasing the RP will provide a sustained backpack expansion effect for the duration of the season.
  4. Talent Tree Updates: Added Stability, Dexterity, Protection, and Machine Gun Mastery talent nodes. Unlocking Tier IV talents no longer requires fully allocating points to prerequisite talents.

New Themed Mode

New “Shadow Force” themed mode is here. Try the new melee weapon and tactical items.

  • Shadow Blade: Slashes are imbued with a sword aura which can hit enemies up to about 10 meters away. Additionally, you can use the Assault Blade skill to momentarily block all incoming bullets from the front.
  • Skytether Hook: A portable grappling hook that allows the user to launch it and propel themselves in a straight line to the target location when equipped. Tap the skill button again to deploy a parachute to briefly glide in the air for enhanced maneuverability.
  • Shadow Scout (available in beta 2): Throw it to spawn a controllable dummy scout. The scout has enhanced movement to quickly get close to enemies, and can be detonated. Enemies caught in the explosion will be blown away.
  • An exhilarating Respawn Battle debuts in the new version. A new mechanic that gives eliminated players a chance to respawn. The battleground is isolated from the outside by a Seclusion Zone. Participants of Respawn Battle cannot leave the Seclusion Zone. Escape Points will periodically become available in the Seclusion Zone. Interact with an Escape Point to respawn and return to the main battleground.

WOW Updates

  • Group Editing Adjustments: Creations now show the names of co-creators, and the in-match group editing permissions have been improved.
  • New Devices & Gameplay: Automatically display interactive buttons, custom tips, or custom UI layouts when a player gets in range. Virtual projections, Blade Ball, and more to explore!
  • Other feature improvements and adjustments.
Note: Content in the beta test is subject to change before the final release.

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Note:- Content in the beta test is subject to change before the final release.

So Players, This is all about Pubg Mobile Version 3.0.0 Patch Note & Release Date If you like this post then don’t forget to bookmark our website and join our telegram for more upcoming interesting contant.

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