Pubg Mobile M21 Royal Pass Release Date & Rewards

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M21 Royal Pass:- M20 Royale Pass has almost been ending, so the curiosity among the players is increasing Regarding the m21 royal pass, do you also want to know what is m21 royal pass release date and what rewards are going to come with it? Then you have come to the right article. In this article, we will tell you the release date of month 21 royale pass. Along with that all the rewards coming in it will be shown to you one by one. So, Read the full article carefully and enjoy.

Before knowing m21 royal pass release date, we all know what is m20 royal pass end date because when the end of month 20 royal pass then only m21 will come so let’s first talk about when the m17 royal pass will end.

M20 Royale Pass End Date

According to the mentioned date in the game, the m20 royale pass is going to end on 21th March 2023 at 5:30 AM.

M21 Royal Pass Release Date

Royal Pass remains locked for 2 hours after the M20 Royal Pass expires. After that all of you get to see the New Royal Pass then according to that if we find out the time then the M21 Royal pass is about to be released on 21 March 2023 at 7:30 Am.

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Pubg Mobile M21 Royal Pass Rewards

1st Rp Rewards

m21 royal pass 1st Rp outfit skin
m18 royal pass 1st Rp gun skin

At 1st Rp, level paid pass players to get two rewards one a beautiful outfits name Eventide Butterfly set which looks like butterfly frocks, and 2nd reward a Mini14 Gun skin name Submerged Palace.

5th Rp Level Rewards

5th rp mask of m18 rp

At the 5th Rp Level paid pass players get a good-looking hai hade cover that name Eventide Butterfly Cover and this cover completes 1st Set.

10th Rp Level Rewards

m18 10th rp level rewards

At 10th Rp, Every paid pass players get a backpack skin name Stray Rebellion Backpack on this backpack designed a cartoony face that looks too cool.

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15th Rp Rewards

month 21 ornaments
pubg mobile m18 rp avtar
m18 free rp emote pubg mobile

At 15th Rp players get 3 Rewards, 1st reward for every player ( Free and paid) is a emote name Sway to the Beat at that time this emote animation was not available, 2and 3rd reward only for paid pass players 2nd Reward is an M21 Rp Avatar in this avatar snap pin of m21 50 RP outfit, Now talking about 3rd rewards that are an Ornament and as Crystal Shoe Ornament.

20 Rp Rewards

m18 free rp parachute skin

At 20 RP free pass players get a Parachute skin name Gold Battleaxe Parachute and for paid pass players to get a smoke grenade skin name Stray Rebellion Smoke Grenade.

25th Rp Level Rewards

At 25th Rp every player gets a good-looking outfit name Tribal Champion Set.

30 Rp Rewards

month 18 rp vouchers

At 30 RP players get 3 rewards, 1st for every player that is 60Uc Rp Voucher you can use this voucher on the next royal pass and get a 60uc discount. 2nd and 3rd rewards are only for paid pass players that are a plan skin name as Adorable General Plane Finish and a emote.

35 Rp Reward

month 18 free rp gun skin

At 30 Rp Every player ( free and paid) got an SKS gun skin.

40 Rp Rewards

m18 rp 40rp gun skin

At 40 Rp paid pass players to get a SCAR-L skin name as Fairy Village Scar-l.

50 Rp Rewards

m18 royal pass 50 rp rewards

In month 21 Royal Pass players can choose one outfit from the above 2 outfits.

So friends this is all about Pubg mobile m21 ROYAL PASS Release Date and Rewards if you like this post then don’t forget to bookmark our website and join our telegram for more upcoming interesting contant.

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