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Welcome to The Only Site to download the latest version of Pubg Mobile Game before the Official Launch. Pubg Mobile Is World Wide Playable Game And Its A Multiplayer Battle Royal Game on your Smartphone, and take your gaming experience to the Next level. You can Download Pubg Mobile Global Apk without Vpn from our website in one click.

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What Is Pubg Mobile?

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is an officially authorized combat and survival mobile game that brings you the 100% original classic gameplay experience from PUBG. Parachute into a spectacular arena with hundreds of other players, experience hyper-realistic weapon trajectories and controls, and explore tons of random exciting battleground elements from the original game on your mobile device. Enjoy life-like maps and buildings, vehicles that bump into obstacles in physically realistic ways, and highly immersive 3D sound effects.

Pubg Mobile 3.2 Update

Are you searching about pubg mobile latest update ( Version 3.2.0)? If yes, you are the right place. We provide pubg mobile 3.2 update apk global version which you can play without vpn in India and any other country. So, for download scroll down the page and follow instructions.

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Pubg Mobile Version 3.2.0 Update Patch Note

PUBG MOBILE will begin pushing out the update on 13th May 2024 (UTC+0). To ensure a quick and smooth update, please be in a good network environment and have enough available storage on your device.

Update Reward: Pubg Mobile Apk Update the game between May 13 to May 15 (UTC+0) to get 3,000 BP, 100 AG, and a Crimson Storm Helmet (3d).

Key Updates

  1. PUBG MOBILE × Dragon Ball Super! New immersive Dragon Ball modes!
  2. New “Dragon Ball Super Themed Mode” is here! Collect all 7 Dragon Balls, summon Shenron, and wish for power!
  3. New standalone mode “Battle Royale: Dragon Ball Super” features a unique 1.6 × 1.6 km map! Play as Dragon Ball characters in this special gameplay!
  4. World of Wonder Updates: Summer Brawl is here! Experience a variety of summer-themed gameplay!
  5. New Firearm: ACE32 is a new assault rifle that uses 7.62mm ammo. It will be available on all maps.
  6. Other Feature Improvements: Creation Mode will also be undergoing another update, as well as Carry Onto Vehicle, Switch Outfits With Backpack and other features!

Battle Royale: Dragon Ball Super

New standalone Dragon Ball Super collaboration mode brings an anime-style map! Role-play as Dragon Ball characters and battle it out on an all-new map with powerful moves and skills. Become number 1!

Available: 2023/7/15 at 2:00 (UTC+0)–2023/9/4 at 23:59 (UTC+0)

Map: Sanhok

New Map

New 1.6 × 1.6 km anime-style map with all-new scenery.

Metro Royale

Available: 2023/7/14 at 00:00–2023/9/4 at 00:00 (UTC+0)

  • New Collectibles Cabinet: Corresponding collectibles can be unlocked after completing the current season’s missions. Other players can view the details of the Collectibles Cabinet, which can be disabled in the Privacy Settings.
  • Firearm Updates: New ACE32 Firearm, ACE32 (Cobra), ACE32 (Steel Front)


Requirements To Download Global Pubg Mobile Apk

The Pubg Mobile is being optimized to run on a variety of devices. The specifically is available for phones running Android 6.0 and up.

Download Pubg Global 3.2 Apk

Pubg mobile apk logo
Apk NamePubg mobile Apk
Developer LightSpeed & Quantum Studio
Publisher Tencent & Krafton
Update14th May 2024
Patch NoteClick here
ChangesClick here

How To Download Pubg Mobile APK Version 3.3.0 and Play without VPN?

To download pubg 3.2 Apk follow bellow mention steps.

  • Click On the download button mentioned below. ( Must Join Our Telegram For Future Updates Updates)
  • After clicking on the download button download pubg mobile apk version 3.2 file.
  • It takes some time to download depending on your network.
  • After successfully downloading apk file go to the file manager and install pubg apk file.
  • You must have more than 10 GB empty in your file manager because this is big file size apk.
  • After successfully install apk file open the app and download resources.
  • There are two types of resources first non-hd and second hd. It depends on you to choose from them.
  • After the resources download login into the game and enjoy pubg mobile Global latest version.

Note:- If you face any error or problem please comment below we help you to fix your problems.


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Is Pubg Mobile be free-to-play?

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